Autoimmune and fibromyalgia files

One month in, and counting. Today’s fun: besides dropping just about everything in sight, my vision was partly obstructed again by subtle black spots, as if I’d just walked from an extremely bright room into a dark room, except it … Continue reading Autoimmune and fibromyalgia files

Words Spoken at Warped Speed

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Words Spoken at Warped Speed: audio art, performance and spoken word.–performance-and-spoken-word-e3eu1n Topics on my second podcast episode include my survivor stories and struggle with eating disorders, gun violence, unrequited love and even a fabled story! Please subscribe to my podcast and share this episode with your friends if you enjoy my work. This is a multimedia experimental series, including audio art, ambient music, performance art and storytelling. Truthbytwo is the sister label to my art business, Maya’s Divine Designs. Continue reading Words Spoken at Warped Speed

Autoimmune diaries, nearly a month in

The purpose of sharing this diary is to bring awareness to the everyday struggle that a person with autoimmune disease goes through. Autoimmune disease is often considered to be an “invisible illness,” because the symptoms aren’t as readily visible as … Continue reading Autoimmune diaries, nearly a month in

The Pendulum Always Shifts

I have used the term ‘survivor’ to describe myself for a long time now, and in many ways it’s something I’ve been very proud of, and reluctant to let go of. It’s been my way of healing, garnering strength, and honoring my past. But, like someone who has held onto a thing that an old friend you’ve parted ways with gave to you, or like that box of love letters you just refuse to throw away, even if you never look at them anymore, ‘survivor’ is a term, like ‘warrior,’ that I’ve come to view with affection, but it’s something … Continue reading The Pendulum Always Shifts