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Disabled, demisexual and devotional

I am a demisexual, which is a part of the asexual spectrum. Being demisexual in my case means if I’m not attracted to someone through a deep emotional connection and (for me) aesthetic and cerebral attraction, I feel no sexual … Continue reading Disabled, demisexual and devotional

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Ableism, Racism and the Myth of the “Good White Liberal”

As a mixed race QTBIPOC (ie Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous people of color) with disabilities, I’ve seen both ableism and racism from white people who also have disabilities. The hierarchies of disabilities appear here too, much like the hierarchies of … Continue reading Ableism, Racism and the Myth of the “Good White Liberal”

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The indelible impact of David Bowie

It was at exactly this time tomorrow, (Jan 11) 4am my time, 4 years ago, when something mysteriously woke me out of a sound slumber and I got the impulse to check Facebook, and I saw the news banner that David Bowie had died. I thought it was a sick hoax, but as multiple sources confirmed it my heart sank. and the shock eventually turned into grief. Anniversaries are always difficult when it comes to loss. It takes grief from other losses and compounds it, and creates a snowball effect.

Whenever I am afraid of trying something new or taking a risk I ask myself, “what would David have done in my shoes?” And the answer inevitably is to do the things that I’m most afraid to, because my life is that much richer for the risks that I take, even when it doesn’t work out how I’d hoped. But sometimes it does work out, and that’s where true happiness comes in, by remaining true to myself, and by trusting in the signs that the universe is showing me. By following the life and work of David Bowie, I’ve discovered deeper truths about myself, reflected back like a mirror. Continue reading The indelible impact of David Bowie

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“The Void,” hidden emotional neglect

The Void is what I’ve named that hidden, but ever-present, pervasive sense of emptiness that creeps up on me without warning. It is the number one culprit behind my disordered eating, compulsive overeating, body image issues, co-dependency, and so much … Continue reading “The Void,” hidden emotional neglect

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Turning Pain into Beauty: Owning my sexual abuse story

Turning Pain into Beauty: Owning my sexual abuse story When does sharing oneself become a form of exhibitionism? Am I opening myself up for further abuse? And who really cares about me, or my life, anyway? What is the purpose … Continue reading Turning Pain into Beauty: Owning my sexual abuse story

Sunflowers And Struggles, My Life

For my newer followers, an introduction. I’m a multiracial, multiethnic reconnecting two-spirit Indigenous artist, writer, activist and songwriter/audio artist. My roots are diverse, Indigenous Mexican, Sephardi Jewish and African (mom), South and Southwestern Asian and European (bio father). I’m also … Continue reading Sunflowers And Struggles, My Life

Auntie Pat

Auntie Pat was always the life of the party, and the best hugger on the planet! Her warmth and positive glow were always delightful to be around, and she had the ability to make everyone around her feel truly loved, and cherished. I will always remember our dance parties and Auntie Pat’s warm hugs, face smooshes and kisses, as well as our making tamales and buñuelos together, with my YaYa, and the rest of the “girls.” She was always the life of the party, and a warm, wonderful auntie! She will be missed! This brief post is in loving memory … Continue reading Auntie Pat

QANON is no joke for this ritual abuse survivor!

TW: Satanic ritual abuse, violence, childhood sexual abuse, kidnapping, exploitation, sacrifice, political conspiracy theories, racism, cultural appropriation. Strong language. This goes way beyond politics and I need to speak out about it. Hearing the name “QAnon” makes my blood boil, … Continue reading QANON is no joke for this ritual abuse survivor!