Fluxuary Friend – to the End?

By MΛΥΛ Garcia. Copyright Maya's Divine Designs.
By MΛΥΛ Garcia. Copyright Maya’s Divine Designs.

Take heed

Fellow Revolutionary,

For the electric speed

Of fluxuary change

Can only happen

With you beside me,

Take heart,

My soul friend,

For I am with you

And I will see

You through till the not-so bitter end.

It may seem contrary

But it is all part of a bigger plan,

This is my truth,

It is not imaginary.

For I can seen the path in my mind’s eye,

Even when there’s a few clouds in your sky,

Rest assured,

Your soul is secured,

And fully intact,

My admiration, respect and gratitude

Is a fact.

Finding a true companion

In this wilderness of solitude

Has been the greatest test

Of will,

But our combined skill

Will conquer the beasts

Of avarice and greed

Much quicker

Than the greatest feasts

Of talent

I can offer as a solo unit.



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