My Methods of Dancing

Have I ever mentioned my love of dance, as an art form, method of exercise and a surefire way to “bring sexy back?” No matter how tired, bloated, mad, sad or self-conscious I feel, getting up off of my keister and shaking a tail feather always seems to help me “snap out of it” faster than a cold, hard slap from Cher (see “Moonstruck”). Random acts of violence notwithstanding, the real reason why I love dance so much is because it brings out my inner vixen, the bombshell I secretly fantasize about being, sometimes.

A bombshell as in confident, sexy and full of soul, not bombshell in the b-movie bimbo-fabulous sense. Somehow, when I’m at one with both the music and the dance floor, I feel like I own it, like I can do anything. I often fantasize that I made the cut after all for “sexy model in a Duran Duran video.” There’s no harm in daydreaming after all, especially if you’re burning calories while doing it!

I even enjoy dancing virtually, in the Second Life, usually the Duran Duran Universe (of course!) I can fulfill my creative urges by creating elaborate costumes, then dance along to my favorite band, both literally and virtually, so it’s a win-win!

My avatar, shaking a tail feather in the Second Life, Duran Duran Universe.
My avatar, shaking a tail feather in the Second Life, Duran Duran Universe.

Dancing is a useful way to get chores done faster too. For example, I hate cleaning. I find it dreadfully tedious, but if you turn up the music and get me moving while I clean, I’ll do it twice as fast and ten times better than without music. You should see me handle a mop while I’m grooving to disco!

Plus, the wood floors at home are perfect for sliding and twirling in a mock-pirouette (did I mention that my childhood dream was to be the next Isadora Duncan? I studied ballet till we reached the stage where we learned how to stand on our toes- ouch!)

It’s not quite Studio 54, but it’ll do. I’m not much of a club goer these days anyway, unless it’s Saturday Night at ‘Late Bar,’ my favorite haunt.

But these days I usually prefer to stay closer to home, so on goes the record player and off goes my inhibitions. Now my only challenge is keeping the noise low enough to not disturb the neighbors!

As a music lover with very eclectic tastes, I’m a huge fan of playlists. Here’s one of my favorite dance playlists. It’s a modified version of the 50th Birthday playlist I created for Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran, my personal favorite band member (though I love them all!)

Perfect 33 dance songs.


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