Cooling My Jets


I’m not sure how to react,

But this has been quite a surreal day,
In a most unusual life,
Your ‘trouble and strife’
Clasps my mouth shut
In the most offensive way,
Out of respect I hide
What I feel,
But recognition rides
Me hard,
Every day is a battle

Of steel
Between my head
And my heart,
My mind is resigned to cooling my jets,
While my heart wants to paint this whole shebang the brightest shade of red,
Or any color that screams,
But I keep my mouth shut
In polite company
And watch as the pretty crows swirl around thee,
I try not to let it get me down,
For fear of turning myself into a mockery,
So I take these feelings out on my canvas instead,
And laugh along with the voice inside my head
At this calamity.
I see it all so clearly.
We’ve got each other timed down to the minute,
But not a word passes our lips,
It’s all I can do to resist,
That little green dot,
And the power it has got-
The energy
That fills me
With both excitement and fear,
This feeling is infinite
My dear.


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