Love IS Enough

Despite popular misconception,
Love IS enough.
Yet we all struggle to define and label it.
But one thing I’ve learned is,
When someone offers you the gift of love,
Friend, lover or stranger,
Take it with both hands,
And a full heart.
Accept it graciously, and don’t question it,
Or deny the giver’s intentions in giving.
Just take it in, with gratitude.

Because we are born with love,
No matter our circumstances,
But we have been conditioned to fear it
And even reject it.
So…we are all fragile-
And you’ll never know what’s in someone’s heart.
Even those of us with a gift of insight
Can’t see all.

So thank you, to everyone who’s ever
Given me the gift of their love and attention-
Even to those who decided to take it back.

For as much as rejection hurts, I am aware-
It hurts on the mirror’s reflection too.

There is no right or wrong way to love someone.
Being able to love, in any capacity, is sacred.

To that special gift-giver, I give you the biggest return gift of love,

And always remember:
It is there.
It just…is.

No need to question or define,
It just is.

In the most unconditional way I know how.
Whether the lessons we’re supposed to teach each other last a year
Or a lifetime doesn’t matter.
You will always have my love, respect and support, in spades,
In the best way I know how.
Take in my love however you can.

And thank you for your gift,
I will cherish it,
More than you’ll ever know-
And it is more than enough.


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