8 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Me

One of my friends on tumblr challenged me to share 8 things about myself, and to pass it on. So now I’m throwing down the gauntlet to you, dear reader. What’s on YOUR list? Respond in the ‘comments’ section, contact me, or share your own list, via a new blog post. Enjoy! xx Maya

1. Insecurity: fear of not being ‘good enough’ at what I love, weight.

2. Fears: being alone forever, heights, insects, being a ‘starving artist.’

3. Turn-ons: intelligence, kindness, nice eyes (especially accentuated with guy-liner), a cheeky sense of humor, belief in social justice, creativity, having a passion for something. A unique perspective.

4. Life goals: to start a creative movement, to travel the world, to record that album, and finish all of the other creative projects I’ve got in my head.

5. Things I like: manners, chivalry, people who make me laugh, or see things differently. Late mornings, the first coffee of the day. Being inspired.

6. Weaknesses: Cats: If there’s a cat at someone’s house party I’ll inevitably spend more time bonding with the cat than with people. Record shops, especially the used vinyl bins. Book shops with books outside. I always have to stop and look! Virtual reality video games. The smell of coffee, cinnamon or freshly-washed laundry. Chocolate and/or red velvet cake.

7. Things I love: family, friends, the beach at night, lighthouses. Music. Travel. Love.


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