My Life

He broke my body,
Took my purity,
Broke my heart,
Set me up for a lifetime of failures,
And unfulfilling relationships with men.
Surely, there must be some recompense for all that he did to me.
I didn’t deserve ANY of it.

All is not lost,
But I survived
With a hell of a lot of pain.
I never had a normal childhood
I’ve had to learn from scratch
What ‘normal’ and ‘healthy’ even means.
I’ve had to teach myself how NOT to be fucked up.

I’m still picking up the pieces,
But I’m starting to go from ‘survive’ to ‘thrive,’
I still don’t have a paying job,
And my body is still a bit of a mess,
So is my heart,
I will confess,
But I’m slowly falling together,
Not falling apart.
Not anymore.
I’ve shown depression the door.


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