To My True Soulmate

I know you’re out there,
Do I spend the rest of my life
Waiting for you
To be ready?
I’m fighting to survive,
Do I keep looking
For another solution?

How is this twist of fate fair?
How much longer can I hold steady?
Do you even care?
Will there ever be a resolution
To this ancient promise?
When does a promise
Become more of an ancient problem?
Since you entered my life again,
It’s been both heaven and hell,
How do we break this spell
Of karmic injustice?
For when another piece
Of this puzzle falls into place
I half expect to see your face–
Until I realize
That the ultimate prize
Is still just beyond my reach.

How many more lessons
Are there to teach?

HOW much longer, my love?


4 thoughts on “To My True Soulmate

  1. I wish I could give you what I have with Cimmorene (@wavemistress).

    Although, being soulmates, I would say that Hollywood et al has it all wrong… yes, we know we’ve been together, through bitter sorrow and sweet joy. Sacrifice. So of course if anyone has said they were jealous– I tend to say, don’t be. We endured great pain just to get here, holding to each other through all the fear.


      1. Yep, that’s what Julie (Cimmy) and I have. She’s seen all my warts, but, she also knows things about me no one else (at least, anyone living) would know, because, they were just between us, in a different space and time.

        She reminds me most every day that she loves me in spite of my ugly parts. So yes, I think I understand… and that’s something very worthy of wanting.

        The problem I still have is even though I have my soulmate, we still fight– and I am still deeply angry at a lot of other people.

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      2. Yes, and that’s why you must heal those wounds from within, and let go of that which does not serve you. I hope that by doing the same it will prepare me for meeting my true soulmate again. I believe we may have already met, but weren’t ready to come together.


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