I want to be happy,
In my little bubble,
I don’t want to feel the slap
Of rejection,
It’s a protection
From the weight of rubble
Falling on my head,

You’ve made your bed,
So go ahead
And lie in it.

Sadness is out of date,
Hope is in with the new,
The ‘kid’ has bloomed
Into a butterfly.

Don’t even try
To make me feel better,
By selling me a dream,
I’d rather wait and see
For myself.

I’m tired of expecting the worst,
Whilst wishing for the best-
He made another choice,
And I’m not quite under duress,

But knowing I’m not the best
For someone
Hurts less
If I remember who I am-
I am Saragh,
Waiting for Sam.

I’m not putting my heart
On the shelf,
I’m just taking time out for myself.

Don’t pity me,
But also, don’t forget me-
A kindly request.


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