Fly With the Birds

Today was a magical day. It started with a fortuitous missed call, from my recruiter, informing me that I got the job I’d been hoping for, after three interviews. She thanked me for my patience, and congratulated me. Then, I had one of those rare shopping experiences where I found everything I was looking for, not only easily but on sale too. I ended my day’s journey with a bit of pampering, by way of a trip to the salon, to indulge in some much-needed grooming, in preparation for my new job, which starts in just a few days. Since I haven’t had a steady job in over two years, it’s a big deal to finally be working full-time again, and while I’ve appreciated having had the time to pursue multiple creative projects, it hasn’t provided a steady flow of income as of yet. So, until that happens, it’s hi, ho, back to work I go. And I’m glad for it. I’m back in the non-profit world, serving the community, which is a pretty cool way to earn a salary!

I also met someone today who deeply inspired me to keep following this creative path, even if my circumstances will change slightly. I found him sitting outside, reading a book, right next to the Chicago Theater. He didn’t even look up until I approached him. He told his story by way of writing it on the paper cup he kept next to him, for collecting change. He said that he was collecting money to keep traveling. Something about his story truly resonated with me, especially considering the experience I had last year (

Side note– All of that really happened last year, though I forgot to mention how I finally got back home, after being stranded on the East Coast. After THREE attempts to convince the ticket agent at Southwest (again, everything in threes) to let me use the points I had towards my return ticket (I’d missed the original flight from New York), the third person I spoke with took pity on me, and issued a one-way ticket back home, free of charge, after I’d told her my story of being homeless for several days, because I was told that I couldn’t use my existing points for a ticket (some policy they had.) Unlike my newfound comrades, I had a home to go back to. I was lucky. I even made it back in time to see the Cure and Patti Smith at Riot Fest, on the evening of my return. It was the perfect end to a trip that was sometimes magical, sometimes disheartening and at other times, downright scary. But I digress.–

Going back to the young homeless man I met today, I asked him where he was off to next. As he talked, I noticed he had a tattoo painted under his right eye. A fellow artist. He then explained that he was ultimately hoping to get as far as Seattle. I wished him well and as I dropped some change into that paper cup, he showed me the tattoo on his arm. “Fly With the Birds,” he said, reading it out for me. Indeed, I will do just that. Keep flying. The universe truly does work in mysterious ways.

The nomad life. A moment from my trip to New York.
The nomad life. A moment from my trip to New York.


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