Haven’t you noticed it yet?
The time no longer spent
Chasing after you,
The palette has switched from grey to blue,
But there’s no more tears shed over you-

Now all I get is indignant and
Indigestion, the bile stirring,
From deep within-
When you cast me aside,
I knew that eventually I would win.

And I have.
You rarely cross my mind,
Time hasn’t been so kind
To your memory-
So don’t think you can keep
Me on the side
And expect a reverie
Every time you bother to show your face-
You have been replaced
By the true counterpart,
And the ashes of our connection

Will fertilize
The topsoil

From which the art
Will grow.
Don’t you even realize,
That your lies

Have made me recoil?
And have spoiled
Something that should have grown roots.

The truths
Behind the gauzy disguise

Are cleverly concealed,
My friend,
But in the end
My season in bloom
Is nigh.


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