My name twin, David, gone too soon

David Bowie is an artist that I feel a strong affinity with. I’ve developed a close relationship with his music and career since I was first introduced to him through my favorite band, Duran Duran. They spoke so highly of him that it was inevitable that I’d become a fan too, and I did, but it wasn’t until the movie ‘Labyrinth’ that this awkward girl fell into a lifelong ‘magic dance’ with the Man Who Sold the World.

He helped a painfully-shy child find her identity, through teaching by example how to be true to yourself. First, he showed me how to create entire worlds, full of magic and wonder, via his personas, then what true  self-assurance looks like, when he finally embraced being ‘just Dave.’ His music and fierce individuality continue to inspire me. We even share a name! My middle name is Davina, the feminine version of David. The fact that my mom is also a Bowie fan might have contributed to that choice. At least that’s what I am telling myself. It helps ease the pain, somehow. I was born the year that Diamond Dogs, arguably a huge career highlight for David Bowie, was released, and I know that if she’d had a boy, he’d have been named Joshua David, so you tell me!

Incidentally, my mom and I had the opportunity to see the incredible retrospective, ‘Bowie Is,’ at the MCA, last year.

His music has touched my life in immeasurable ways. I have been listening to his music, non-stop over the last few days, especially his latest album, ‘Blackstar.’

It was his last gift to the world, shared on his birthday, no less.

Something in the cosmos must have shifted, because I woke in the wee hours of this morning from a deep slumber to learn that my idol had passed. And now sleep is a commodity I seem to have run out of.

His spirit lives on, through every single person he touched, myself included. I am shocked, heartbroken and beyond proper words, yet grateful he existed.

Goodbye, starman. There is no way to ever repay you for the joy and inspiration, all I can do is thank you, through continuing to remain true to myself, and my art. Somehow, I will do you proud.



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