The struggle is real, and so is the grief

Before you say it, no I’m not over the death of David Bowie, one of my idols, who graced my home, my subconscious and my heart for 30 years, as of 2016. The truth is, when someone has played an intrinsic role in your life for so long, how can you ‘get over it?’ Just because you didn’t ‘know’ someone personally doesn’t make them any less impactful, or less worthy of being treated with the same care and respect as a friend, or even family member. After all, we’re all inhabiting the same planet, aren’t we?  Therefore, I’ve decided to not even try to ‘get over it,’ but rather, I will celebrate his life, music and legacy, and make him a part of me, just like he always has been. I won’t read news reports about how he died, because I refuse to accept his mortality. I will simply honor his memory by pushing the limits of my creativity, by writing, singing, creating art, in every way, shape and form for the rest of my natural existence. Regardless of how it looks to others, and regardless of the outcome, I will live and breathe as an artist, and will do everything I can to bring all of my creative projects to fruition.  Fuck obstacles, circumstances, critics (including my own inner critic), and everything else that stands in my way.

I won’t hear words like ‘can’t,’ ‘impossible,’ or ‘shouldn’t,’ any more than I will hear the words ‘epitaph,’ ‘death’ or ‘sickness.’ Those words simply aren’t a part of my lexicon, or my reality.

I will defy every odd, and get this shit done, already.

Expect my next post to be all about what I’ve learned from David Bowie.

So there, deal with it. My blog, my rules. Am I defiant? Hell yes. I have lived too long under the shadow of expectations, both mine and everyone else’s. NOW is the time to live the life I came back to this earth to live, and to fulfill my soul mission. Ground control to Maya, and all that.

So thank you to those who have supported me along the way. Haters, you know what you can do.




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