The ‘alternative’ 99%?



Pictured: With my handmade sign, at the Bernie Sanders rally.

Why am I so vocal, and so involved in this grassroots movement to elect Bernie Sanders, part of which includes ‘the 99%?’ Not because I’m a populist, communist, socialist (though I do agree with some of the key principles, and believe in the tenets of ‘democratic socialism’), or even that much of a people-person, truth be known. I certainly don’t have faith in the wisdom of majority rule. I know the fallibility of human nature all too well for that idea to work. I’m not usually interested in politics, let alone engaged. Most of it frankly turns me off.

So why AM I casting my vote and making my voice heard, for ‘the 99%,’ for whatever it’s worth? Because I’m tired. I’m tired of seeing the billionaire class get richer, while millions are living hand to mouth. Those millions are the ones doing the hard work, while the billionaires rake in the benefits.

Because I’m tired of being told I ‘can’t’ do something to aid the pursuit of my dreams, and having every door slammed in my face while some high-powered CEO has doors opened just with a whisper, just because he (it’s usually a ‘he,’ let’s face it) has connections and power.

I’m tired of seeing my friends have to work shitty jobs they hate, just so they can eat.

I’m tired of seeing my parents’ retirement funds depleted, by these reckless Wall Street speculators, who treat 401k’s like Monopoly money.

I’m even more tired of seeing ugly human beings squawk about and threaten to take even MORE of our rights and civil liberties away, simply to make even more money for themselves. Simply because they can.

I’m tired of medical bills and college tuition costing more than a car. I’m tired of seeing family members facing poverty just because they have a long-term illness.

I’m tired of seeing people working full-time, having to use food stamps.

I don’t care who you are, or where you come from, thinking that any of this is right or ok simply isn’t acceptable. You, my friend, lack compassion if you think this is how it should be.

I’m tired of this fucked-up oligarchy. Forget capitalism, let alone democracy. Both of those concepts were dead and buried years ago. They need to be completely overhauled and reborn. It’s time to bring true democracy back, and bring power back to where it belongs, in the hands of the many, not the few. Yes, we need leadership, to lend a guiding hand to our baser instincts. But it’s up to US to hold these leaders to task.

To do otherwise is to sell all of us short, and that is no longer an acceptable option. Too much is at stake. Too many things need to change, for the benefit of the many, not the few. So that’s why I’m engaged and involved in this grassroots organizing movement. For the first time in my adult life, I believe we could elect someone who can actually affect REAL, comprehensive change for the better. It’s not just pandering or rhetoric, he actually gets it. So that’s why he gets my vote, and my voice.


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