This is life or death, not politics

• GMO’s
• Foods designed to create addictive responses
• Foods designed to harm you, so you’ll need to rely on pharmaceuticals to relieve symptoms of dis-ease.
• Pharmaceuticals designed with multiple side effects, so you’ll eventually need to be treated by doctors, and/or hospitals, twice, thus increasing profits to the medical industry.
• Doctors getting kickbacks from pharmaceutical industry.
• Pharmaceutical industry giving kickbacks to politicians.
• Politicians ruling in favor of policies that continues the cycle.

And this is just one area in which our system is rigged in favor of those with money and power, and the rest of us are basically getting screwed.

What’s with the bullet points, full of fragmented sentences, you ask? This is a virtual notepad, filled with the kinds of things that have recently occurred to me, after doing some considerable pondering over the facts. There are facts that we are told, and facts that we are not told, but luckily, there are people out there who are giving us at least some of the inside scoop. One of those people is Senator Bernie Sanders, who I had the pleasure and the privilege of seeing speak in person last night, at Chicago State University, one of many colleges under fire from our corrupt finance system.

I intend to write more about my experience of seeing Senator Sanders speak, but I wanted to jot these notes down right now, because these realizations are not only inspiring my upcoming art exhibition, ‘The Death of Decency,’ they are also opening my eyes to the sheer level in which our system needs to be changed. I need to speak my truth, and to report the facts as I see them, and that is what I am attempting to do with this blog post. More later.


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