‘Marble,’ by Maya Garcia, 2016

Through tear-stained, Timeless Eyes

I see the injustices of the past,
Entwined with the violent darkness of the future
And I wonder,
Will this spinning marble
Snap off of its axis
And roll away?

Should I hold on to hope,
And love,
And belief,
Should I stay?

Or should I call upon the mothership
And flee this dying sphere?

What is the mission,
The objective,
When not enough of us can see reason,
And those who do feel helpless
To stop this treason?

What more will it take,
For us to see,
We are all connected?

Angels, aliens or perchance Pleidians,
Hear my call,
Gather round the cauldron
And save us all
Or get me OUT of this big, imploding ball.

Words and image, Maya Garcia, 2016.


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