Twist of Fate (A Survivor’s Tale)

No, I have no regrets,
No reason anymore to drink that bitter tonic.
Everything that I’ve endured
Has been for a higher purpose.
I couldn’t see it before,
But this pain was a magical key to unlock the door
To a magnificent fate,
Don’t sit there and negate
My excellent taste,
In choosing the road less-hewn,
For soon
I shall be the victor
And the spoils of war
Will be the splintered remains
Of your power,
You tried to devour
My self-esteem-
But what you never have could foreseen
Was the strength of my integrity,
My soul is intact.
That is not supposition-
It is an irrefutable,

Your reign of terror has ended,
The higher love that comes from my spirit
Has transcended
Your transgressions,
The obsession
With demanding amends
Has been replaced
With a new space
Of compassion…
For me, not you.
Because I know the truth-
You were always a lost soul,
Bound to me
But I’ve cut the sheath
That was holding me down,
And returned the crown
To its rightful owner.
You shall remain a loner-
Trapped by your disease,
I will no longer carry the weight
For something I did not create.
My fate is sealed-
You will NOT steal my joy.
You were the original boy
To break my heart,
But you will not break apart
My happy ending.


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