The Plan

When times are hard,
And I’m feeling low,
My soul doesn’t know which way to go,
I reach out
To some unseen force-
Its loving arms reassure me
To stay on the present course,
“Never give up,’
‘Never stop believing,’
‘Fight for your rights, if you must,’
‘But never stop achieving a balance’
‘Between darkness and light.”

And so I go it alone,
And stick to the Plan,
Whatever that may be,
Because even when I try to flee,
Something always brings me back-
Even when I’m flying solo
(And I usually am,)
Ever with me is this Plan,
It’s bigger than any woman or man,
It’s the way of truth,
It was designed
For only one heart, soul and mind-

I know it has something to do with art,
And it feels like once I start,
I can never finish,
But it is always interrupted-
For life’s responsibilities get in the way,
And there’s always bills to pay.
Isn’t there something more?

What am I living for?
The Plan is not leaving,
So I am thieving
Until I find
A supreme bliss,
Most sublime,
From the divine,
Or am I only dreaming?

There’s no way I’m leaving
This earth
Until I’ve followed the Plan
Which was created before my birth,
And set in sand.
It’s not something I expect you to understand,
But there is a guiding hand,
That always leads me back,
To where I belong.

There is only one right, in a sea of wrong,
The Plan.


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