In Vision

Yes, I am strange.

No, I did not originate on this planet.

Yes, I am a permanent resident alien,

No, I do not come in peace,

Yes, I came here to kick out the complacency,

No, I won’t take your nonsense, fallacy, or duplicity.

Yes, I will defend the truth of love, and will refill my cup

With the wine of wisdom.

No, I won’t use violence,

Yes, I want to show this world how peace works-

But know this… I carry storm clouds on my shoulders,

And lighting bolts in my hair,

I bring a holy defiance…

Yes, I am In Vision,

No, I am not the second coming,

Or even the seventh,

Though I do carry a message-


If you care

About the future of the earth

You must first battle your demons

Before relinquishing the fire within,

And without.

-I’m not sure if I’m Atlantean, earthbound angel, or just a more sentient being,

But I am of a kind,

And one-of-a-kind.

I know my own mind,

I am a messenger,

Of this, I have no doubt.

Yet, you refuse to listen.

Each day my mortal being aligns

With my soul,

Which rests somewhere between permeable terra,

And eternal space

Of that, you can be sure.

So listen up,

For my love is tough,

but real,

And on it you can rest,

But not drain,

This world has become much too cruel, selfish and vain,

It is time to speak

Of this uncomfortable truth.

Now is the chance

To learn the next dance

Before you miss the steps.



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