We are the new rebels,
Declaring our independence from oppressive,
Two-party rules,
And from their corrupt practices.
We are the marchers,
Disrupting the status quo,
Interrupting the coronation proceedings.
We are your conscience,
Reminding you of what you once stood for,
And what you could be again.
We represent the poor,
The downtrodden,
And the oppressed,
The perpetually stressed,
Taxed to the eye teeth
With the demands of this imperfect Union.
We are the voiceless,
Demanding to be heard,
The silent majority.
We, the people are the 99%,
So you’d better listen up,
Ruling class,
Because we’ve awoken,
And we are no longer beholden,
To you.
We shall rise,
And prevail.

Words and image by MAYA Garcia, 2016
From my page, Artists for Social Change:


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