The dark side of being a Duranie

I’ve made some good friends as a result of following Duran Duran. There’s no denying this fact. These friendships have contributed greatly to my life, and I can honestly say that they’ve made me a better person. I am grateful for them.

This passionate love affair with the band who shaped our childhoods and who’ve remained an integral part of our lives is real, and it’s deep. There’s no denying it. The fact that the band themselves not only acknowledge but honor that passion we have for them, and love us right back, equally as passionately I’d argue, is just a never ending love fest that I don’t ever want to end. However…there is a dark side to all of this emotion, and it shows itself when for some people, that passion and obsession turn a corner into scarier territory, when it turns into possession, cruelty and even threatening behavior, towards the band, and other fans.

I believe that when there is an energy which inspires such love, light and boundless creativity, those lost souls who’ve attached themselves to that light prey on anyone who shows an equal level of creativity, or who are just on a similar sort of wavelength to those great artists who’ve inspired us all. Lost souls are so disconnected from reality and from themselves that they have no recourse but to tear down anyone whose light shines brightly, in hopes that maybe it will rekindle their own flames. But they’re wrong and they’re misguided, if not outright dangerous (some are, unfortunately. I’ve seen it firsthand, and have been threatened by a few deranged fans.)

Becuase I am a sensitive soul, and because I easily attract broken people, as an Empath, I know I am at risk of being targeted by these lost souls I’ve mentioned. So at those times, I must shield myself and take a step back, not out of fear or weakness, but for exactly the opposite reason, to gather strength.

Those of you fellow active members of the fan community probably already know who I am referring to when I use the term “lost souls,” so I won’t name any names. Frankly, it’s not necessary. I’ve built a reputation that can withstand any false or misleading accusations, and/or threats thrown my way by lost souls, so I’m not afraid of them, in the least. I just had to write this piece, in order to speak my mind, and to shed light on this issue.

‘White light, homing in,’ as Simon Le Bon once wrote. Peace, light and Duran Duran, always.


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