Twin Flame (for lack of a better name) 

When you’ve met your soul’s counterpart, 
all else feels like an empty lie. 

Magical meetings,

Dream encounters,

Mystical missed opportunities,

It all falls into place…

This I can no longer deny.

I won’t keep putting on a brave face

And act as if I’m “still looking.” 

He is,

He exists

And I’ve seen him,

Booking fast and furiously away,

But we will meet again, one day,

It happened once, it will happen again.

The end. 

I will no longer pretend

That it isn’t true,

This is MY life,

It’s not about you.

Whatever happens 

It’s up to the stars,

But for now, I will keep spreading the light

And the love

I have witnessed,

Seen, and felt.

Be warned,

This could get real…

I am both the calm AND the oncoming storm.

Fact, not fiction,
I may not know all, but this much I do,

This is what was meant by “truth by two.” 


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