Energetic coursing (as through my veins)

Sometimes the very thing you are looking for has been there all along, you just had to look deep inside. 
Defenses can’t be maintained for long in this divine love-

Alone, with my feelings and my thoughts,

I can’t escape it,

The rain comes,

And it turns into a deluge-

Puddles gathering.

It seems as if this sodden earth will never be scorched again.

When I reach down into the core of me,

I find you again,

Staring back at my reflection,

Who knew there’d ever be such a connection?

My life has been a symphony of catastrophes,

Until there was you,

Intense and intentional,

Time has officially stopped ever since-

If only I could buy back time, not spent by your side!

Reunion, confusion,

Delusion, collusion,

And I am torn.

To wait, to toil, to dream,

In hopes of a resolution in our revolution?

Or to fly solely on moxie?

We will meet again,

In a lucid haze,

Or at the end of our days,

But that’s little consolation for a life less traveled!

A cold pillow,

An empty mirror,

The plot was written,

But the scene hasn’t been set…yet.

My once and forever is within and without me, eternally.







Is it really that much sweeter on that silver-skied horizon?

Come and find me… I’m as transparent as you are concealed.


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