Persistent Memory

I’ve come to a place where memories aren’t so big and scary to face anymore, even the most painful and terrifying ones, though I’d still rather not dwell too long on the scariest ones.

As I recently learned from a new, old friend, memories are an invaluable way to record our experience,  they can even be used to make a beautiful mosaic out of the broken shards left over from a tragedy.

I believe that we meet the same people on this soul’s journey, because we are meant to learn something, to heal from past karmic debt, or to change roles somehow. It all works out in the end, for however long we have in this lifetime, and the wiser a person is, the quicker they learn how people can be a blessing, even those we’ve had to distance ourselves from. They too are a gift, if for no other reason than they taught us what we do not deserve.

Sometimes details can be forgotten or rewritten, especially when memories have been stuffed into a deep, dark hole for years, because they were too painful to deal with at the time. But once they hit the surface again, it’s amazing just how much you do remember. Memories are the souvenirs of a life, well-traveled, that we carry with us, always.

I will no longer treat my memories like cheap pieces of plastic, thrown carelessly into a box, and neglected. I will dust off that box, and have the courage to look inside- I will own those memories, as a part of the beautiful mosaic of my life.

Thank you to everyone who has taught me along the way. I truly appreciate your guidance, even those who taught by brute force, where it felt more like a kick up the backside than a warm, guiding hand.



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