I can see into the past,
I can see into the present,
I can see into the future.

I can see into your soul,
And know if you are telling the truth.
I can see your story,
As it begins to unfold.

I have been locating my tribe,
And I have been doing my job,
I don’t have time to pretend anymore
That I don’t see what I see.

Choose to believe
Or not,
It’s not up to me
To convince you.

I see what you try to hide,
And I can espouse what is deep inside.

It doesn’t make me more or less than you,
Just a powerful, lightworker.

I hear, transmit and converse with the angels,
And see their visions,
And use them to help heal
Within, and without.

I paint, and write about the visions,
And the voices of clairvoyance.

This is all fact,

Not a work of fiction.

Believe it or not,

It is of no consequence to me.

I no longer feel the need
To hide my abilities

Just to make you feel comfortable.

Not when there is so much important work to do.
Sooner or later
You will see the visions too.


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