Twin Towers

What would I say to you,

If those towers were sliding down

Around me, 

And I knew a certain death was imminent?

I’d write you a letter,

Revealing all of it-

Sharing my life story

In 140’s keystroke,

Telling you all about my love for you.

Though never told before,

It was bespoke

From my first breath,

And it lingered, nevertheless,

Until I knocked on that cold, mausoleum door.

I’d tell you that I could see

The fire and the smoke 

Build a plumage

Of ashy feathers,

As I flap down on the cool 

Steel beams

That made up

My eternal bed.

What would I show you,

In my mind’s eye,

As my lids pry themselves shut?

Why, I’d draw you the span 

Of the core of a thousand,

Distant suns,

As they hurl from the sky

Towards my gaping, wounded head.

I’d send you one long, last kiss 

As I turn my sights towards the blue,

Blank, motionless sky,

And I’d ask you not to cry,

For what could have been-

That’s of no use to me here,

In the great, unknown land’s end.
Just let me watch over you,

If heaven’s real,

And if I’m Seraphim bound.

Let the earth’s surface revolve

And resound

With the sound 

Of our swan song,

For it is a heavenly tale, indeed!

MAYA Garcia, 2017


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