The painful realization
That I’ve finally found what I’ve been looking for,
But cannot have.

I don’t know how,
Or when,

This is what true sadness feels like,
Neither a beginning or an end.

Is it strange,
Just how much of your true voice
I still hear in my head?
Long after the doubts and fears, which once misled
Have been put to bed,
Your words resonate,
Does the ricochet
Scare you away?
If not tomorrow,
Why not today?

I thought this was a dangerous game
For two to play.

But for now I will retreat and pray
For a resolution
And a reunion
Which will sway
The direction of my universe.
Whose move is meant to be made first?

Can those karmic ties that bind
Come undone, the twine frayed,
And this ancient love be saved?
Are you truly so enslaved
By the vows of misfortune
That you have betrayed
A promise once made,
Before time?


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