On the Verge to Converge

i believeYou are my ultimate truth,

And just like Rumi said, forsooth,

You are already inside of me.

So that is how I know that we will meet

Face to fate,

Your voice of late

Within, and without has been so true,

So powerfully just, baby blue,

So never say never,

This connection is destined to last forever,

But if it’s answers you are seeking, please, further illuminate,

And my feelings I will continue to demonstrate;

I can surely wait,

For a change in your living condition,

Because I think (?) I know your position,

But I know that things can change on a dime,

And sadly, we are running out of time

To complete this mission,

The karmic cycle of an untimely finish has been lifted,
But something else has shifted,

Some obstacle has been omitted.

I sense it.

Whether it was within me, or within you,

It’s all one and the same,

The gate has been opened,

And our defenses

Are slipping away,

I just need one more major clue,

Before we have a final breakthrough,

Either tomorrow or today,

It is imminent.

Say it, or display it,

In secret, or out loud,

I await your call,

To ask for this, I’m not too proud,

Tell me if you’re allowed to fall

Into this abyss of bliss.

A lone, and unattached decision?

Till then, I act with precision,

Following the guidance of the divine,

They say love is blind,

But I have a strong presentiment,

But I long to know for once and for all,

And I won’t rest until this mystery is solved,

Is one’s promised companion

A known friend,

As you have already mentioned?

Where is the white lily that I seek?

Our strange language uplifts

Yet sometimes befuddles me.

Will you put my mind at ease?











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