What’s the risk?

By MAYA Garcia, 2017. From my ‘secret’ sketchbook.
We met again last night, in that same place
Where dreams meet reality,
The world between worlds?
But this time everything was bathed in a crimson light,
And I was trying to convince you, over and over
that I was right,
To speak the truth,
And that I meant everything I’ve said,
Both in the outside world,
And in my head.
I knew you’d understand.
Even though my voice was muted,
And my hands were shaking,
(Like they always are)
But I said it anyway
“Believe me,” I said.
I don’t want to pretend
It’s anyone,
Or anything else.
You can’t go too far,
Not this time.
I don’t know all the mysteries of the universe,
But when it comes to this I do know. EVERYTHING.
I live it, and breathe it,
And I will say it in pictures and in verse,
Until the very end.
Until you believe it,
And change the course
Of history,
With me.
See the signs,
And the clues
That I’ve left behind.
I am no longer blind,
Simply waiting for an outstretched hand.
I know who you are,
But need you to understand,
Now that I’ve faced this,
There is no room in my heart for anyone else
But you.
Don’t just watch what I say,
But what I do.
Timing is everything.

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