Catch fire and release

I see now that you are free,

So this is but a release (for now),

But not a goodbye.

Goodbyes never existed with us anyway,

You just tell me whenever you’re ready,

I write this with only loving intent,

As I am making a fresh start.

For wherever I go,

And whoever I become,

I invent

My own reality,

And I know with me you will always stay,

And as long as you call out,

In your heart,

And your head

I will be with you too.

I give you wings to fly,

And the freedom to shed

The struggles of the past,

For this love of ours was built to last.

Know that the door

To my heart

Will always be open to you,

You know the password,

And I have left you plenty of clues

To tell you how I feel.

If you need

Me to be near,

I trust that you will make it clear,

At your chosen speed,

Any time you think that this is just a dream,

Remember, this is real,

As real as it gets,

So don’t live with any more regrets,

And never forget

Who’s always got your back.

Whenever you think things are falling apart,

They’re actually sliding back into place,

Time cannot erase this bond,

One day soon I will see you face

To fate;

It’s written in the stars,

My love is ours.

It’s never too late.


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