A Landslide



The clouds are building,

The snow is starting to slip over the edge of the cliff,

Pretty soon, the very rafters of this big, blue planet will shift

And shake,

And this earthquake

Will no longer be able to be contained.


The inevitable reunion

Will form the completion of this daisy chain.


The twin flame game,

Has never once been in vain,

For it’s opened our eyes,

To what’s in plain


There’s nothing left to hide,

This Shining light,

Has never left me,

You too were my childhood ‘imaginary friend,’

It was more than a fantasy,

Though it took awhile

To confirm your identity.

This here is our destiny,

The lighthouse beacon was just too bright,

To stay blind,

I know I’ve finally got it right,

And I know that you’ll reside

In me,

With me,

And through me

Until the very end.

To what end remains unclear,

But a Better Future seems very near,

Nevertheless, my dear,

Despite our best efforts

To confess otherwise,

Believe it or not…

NOW is the time to do better than to merely survive.

I am telling you now,

Things are indeed exactly what they seemed,

Once I scratched below The Surface…

But as it happens,

It is everything I’ve ever wanted,

And you are all that I’ll ever need.

This is better than a dream,

Meanwhile, I await what’s meant to be…

You and me.

As quiet as a church mouse,

Or as loud as a roar,

Which shakes the house.

Just say how and when (it’s the right time),

And I’ll tell you everything

And I promise, your jaw will hit the floor!

It is the truth,

So don’t be afraid,

Just ask me!

I finally see it,

I’m here now,

I believe!


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