La femme du flame 

If you think I display my femininity so alluringly 
To cause another’s demise

You are mistaken, sorely.

Get wise! 

I only keep up the disguise 

To protect you.

I am not selling lies,

But playing a role,

For a purpose,

I do all of this to exorcise

 The ghosts of the past

And to tell a story.

OUR story. Period.

“A love that will last

Between the stars,”

This is more than “just a game.” 

While it may be fun to play,

The wigs and the costumes are but a display.

The truth is below the surface.

Should I stay in ‘reality’

And suffer in silence

Through this three-ring circus? 

Or follow this beautiful fantasy

To wherever it leads? 

We are the sum total of our choices

And our needs.

Look past your eyes 

And see with your heart. 

Don’t listen to the negative voices

Who would besmirch my name,

Live for the art,

And for us,

My eternal flame! 


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