Dark Side

They say that we all have a dark side,
Well, mine came in the form of a 6 ft. 2″ man,

Who answered to the name of “daddy.”

He carried me to a very dark place,

And I faced death and shame

Every single day.

Not a theoretical death,

Actual death,

Abuse of every possible kind,

Witness to the most horrific crimes,

Threats by knife

For disclosure,



And gaslighting

To take care of what the disassociation didn’t.

So, once you’ve faced death

And seen the hell

And the worst in humanity

Rest assured,

I fear nothing.

Only judgment. 

Surely if people believed me

And the things I’ve seen,

Daddy would’ve fried by now,

And I couldn’t do that,

For as much hate I held

In my heart

For what that man did.
The fact that any light got in to my soul

Is a testament to my own strength of will,

And the power of my angels,

Who’ve never left my side,

They’re with me, still.

This transformation is long,

But it is still going on.

Nothing has been broken

Beyond repair,

I’m just shaken, and bruised,

But recovering,

Preparing for (I hope)

A lifetime of thriving

And loving.


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