Correct Me If I’m Wrong

I might be a mystic,

But not (quite) a mind reader.

Though I do pick up on random thoughts.

Soul speak says one thing

Actions (of late) quite another,

 Direct communication

Is missing.

This gaping situation continues to bother

Me to no end,

I may be strong

But I am not invincible,

And I don’t want to pretend.

 Sending me creative love ‘letters’ one day,

In your unique code,

That only I seem to be able to figure out,

Then suddenly leaving me in the dust,

Making me wish

I’d never opened my mouth.

If you want my trust,

You need to find a better way to speak out.

 I won’t shout it out,

Not my style,

But tell me,

What kind of devout

Soldier would set my soul alight

Under cover of night

Then run wild,

Leaving me high and dry?

 Is this just a test?

Or is there something else

Stopping you?

 Parlez vous?

 Please do your best

To explain,

Because this situation

Isn’t sustainable,

And it’s been racking my brain.

Are you just unobtainable,

Or am I,

Inside your mind?

I am neither blind

OR delusional,

 So spill,

Because the evidence is irrefutable,

 Something IS going on here,

But it’s still not entirely clear,

What you hope to achieve.

Speak up, my dear,

Our time here is running out.





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