The Taming of the Truth

The twin rays of realization

Radiate upon her downturned face

As she scans the falling leaves,

Kicking them against the weight of her heels.

Acceptance in the face of apparent rejection,

She wonders what caused this sense of alienation,

The leaves turn black in the muddy street

As they are trampled under her feet,

The energy of intuition is king,

The winds swirl,

Residual raindrops kiss her skin,

She ponders,

“How did I stop being a simple girl?

My head is in such a muddle!”

As her reflection ripples in the puddles

Sliding down the indents on the sidewalk

And the cracks in the corners of her eyes,

Scalding hot

Water cascades down her cheeks,

Melting away the makeup she uses to disguise.

How did she wake from this peaceful slumber?

It’s been weeks

Since those leaves started shifting,

And the veil started lifting,

Denial is a luxury

Gone forever.

Acceptance is her new reality.

It is a taming of the truth,

The leaves disintegrate.

Spring came too late,

Fall is officially let loose.

What is her fate? 

Is this separation just a ruse,

Designed to shake 

Her faith? 


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