Fire, ice and water

Keep dreaming, dreamer

For it is the stuff of fantasy,

Too surreal to be real.

Is it a mere trifle?

Or a figment of the imagination? 

Memory lapse renders the heart useless,

Conventional wisdom renders the soul extinct.

Particles, ions or energy,

Floating in the ethos.

Fighting for recognition against the tides of structure, 

and order and tangibility.

Feasibility reigns supreme.

Yet in dreams, it seems

The heart and mind are one with the magical ions.

Also known as the soul.

The divine energy.

From within, or from without?

Open that box, and unleash a maelstrom.

Keep it sealed tight and remain joyless forever.

The truth is hidden somewhere within

The spaces in between.

The lighthouse beacon is a controlled inferno.

Scientifique and mystique are one,

In a bond eternal.

Like yin and yang.

One cannot exist without the other.

You are Eirene, I am Mercury.

Fire, ice and water;

The beginning and end of all things.


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