Lemon Tree

It was a lifetime ago,
Or maybe three,

You kissed me under the lemon tree,

And caressed my hair,

In the beautiful island of Capri,

It was only a moment 

That’s lasted for an eternity. 

The sweetest wines,

The most festive times

All to be had, under the old lemon tree.

A secluded place,

My ancient love’s face,

Meets me, in my dreams,

Under the lemon tree.

Will you come back to see me

Again, someday? 

For you, I’ve scared up a glass

Of limonata,

Time moves so fast

When it’s so precious,

Your inamorata 


I still remember the scent 

Of ripening citrus,

It clings to my skin,

You were at once desperate 

To take it all in.

Watching the leaves turn,

And the sunset 

Of our love


Holes into the earth,

Under the shady lemon tree.

I still yearn

For those days long gone.

To find it again,

Is worth waiting 

For, forever. 

I want to believe 

That we will find

Each other, together,

There some blessed day,

For a true lover

Never truly strays

Away from their fate,

Perhaps it’s just running a little late.

I’ll think of you 

Whenever I squeeze the juice

From a lemon,

I’m still not sure if you’re here

Or in the realm I’ve only imagined,

The great orchard, beyond,

But my soul guides will lead me there,

Using the fronds

Of my fruity despair.


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