मया is my name, written in Sanskrit characters. Maya (my name) is Sanskrit in origin, it means “illusion,” or “magic,” and it denotes power, and wisdom.

It is an ancient, powerful name, the name of a goddess, depending on which culture you’re tracing it back to.

My middle name is Davina, which means “divine” in Spanish (at least according to Urban Dictionary), but it is also the feminine version of David. It means “beloved.” It is from Scotland, fittingly, being a lover of all things from the British Isles, derived from the Hebrew for “cherished.” So my name in full, Maya Davina means “Illusion Beloved.”

I share all of this because I believe that I was born (or reborn, as I believe) for a divine purpose, to inspire, teach, and help others to heal, by healing from my karma, and by sharing my story.

It seems that all we do collectively as a society these days is argue, accuse and inflict a growing amount of damage upon one another. I aim to change that, by first healing myself, and then using my abilities as an Empath and healer to help others find their way to healing. The world is becoming a less tolerant place; there is so much toxic energy out there. I think we could all use the energetic equivalent of an antioxidant; so much purification is needed. There is so much anger, violence and reactionary negativity out there lately, I do everything I can do spread a message of unity and love, while standing up for human rights at the same time.

I am a very old soul; I’d argue that my spirit is as old as Atlantis itself (ask me sometime about the underwater, recurring dreams I’ve had over the years). I distinctly remember this fight for justice and basic human rights for all carrying on over more than one lifetime. I will not waste the lessons learned and the wisdom acquired over centuries, just to appease a few naysayers, who refuse to listen to what I have to say. What is happening in the world right now is not brand new, but I am seeing a disturbing trend turning in the opposite direction of where we should be heading, down a path of enlightened thinking and actions, towards a world that serves all of humanity, not just a small handful of the privileged and powerful. I will continue to speak out, in whatever way possible, sharing my story with anyone who will hear it, and take it in.

Please stop repeating the same mistakes we’ve made in the past; please stop treating the planet like a giant rubbish bin; please stop exploiting others for personal gain. And please stop killing each other, for your warped ideologies, whatever they may be.


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