The Revolution Continues…with Hillary

I’m about to fly away to not-so-sunny Portland, for a well-deserved vacation, but before I go, I want to impart my wisdom, gained from being on this planet 42 years this lifetime, and many more in previous ones. Yes, reincarnation is a strongly-held belief, based on experiential knowledge, but I digress. What I want to share with you all is how and why I have decided to enthusiastically support Hillary Clinton, after having spent a year giving my time, money, love, creative skills and putting blood, sweat and tears into the candidate I believed in, heart and soul- Bernie Sanders. … Continue reading The Revolution Continues…with Hillary

Hollow-gram, a dilemma

You know the old clichés, “Time heals all wounds,” “Time will tell,” “All in good time?” Well, what if time is not a good judge of events, or of people’s actions, and what if intuition is not so good either, when it gets clouded by emotions? Have you ever been in a situation where you think you see something, and those closest to you see it too? But maybe like a meteor shower, it was only meant to be seen by one person, the person responsible for creating the chain of events which caused the meteor shower in the first … Continue reading Hollow-gram, a dilemma