Hollow-gram, a dilemma

You know the old clichés, “Time heals all wounds,” “Time will tell,” “All in good time?” Well, what if time is not a good judge of events, or of people’s actions, and what if intuition is not so good either, when it gets clouded by emotions? Have you ever been in a situation where you think you see something, and those closest to you see it too? But maybe like a meteor shower, it was only meant to be seen by one person, the person responsible for creating the chain of events which caused the meteor shower in the first … Continue reading Hollow-gram, a dilemma

A Farewell to

To the drunken, abusive wretch who nearly ruined me for life, I thank you. Thank you for allowing me, neigh, implored upon me your will with such vigor that my back nearly broke from carrying your burdens. Thank you for abandoning me when I was fighting for my life, presenting the semblance of an ‘ideal husband,’ when really, you were high-tailing it because you couldn’t handle being around me when I was so ill, and in the hospital. Thank you for raping me, while I slept, enforcing your dominance over me, mind, body and spirit, just like my father, and … Continue reading A Farewell to

Declaration of Independence from People-Pleasing and Co-Dependence

A.K.A. An Empath/Survivor’s Bill of Rights: I reserve the right to do whatever serves my soul’s purpose, first, regardless of what anyone else thinks. I reserve the right to leave situations where my higher purpose is not being served. I … Continue reading Declaration of Independence from People-Pleasing and Co-Dependence