Lemon Tree

It was a lifetime ago,
Or maybe three,

You kissed me under the lemon tree,

And caressed my hair,

In the beautiful island of Capri,

It was only a moment

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The awkward spaces in between Dreams, And conversations. …………………………. The long pauses, The protracted silences, Apparent alienation, Is painful. Not knowing the whole situation, Regardless of precognition And intuition, My gifts can only go so far, Feeling misunderstood And unwelcome, … Continue reading NOTICING

Catch fire and release

If you need

me to be near,

I trust that you will make it clear,
At your chosen speed,
Any time you think that this is just a dream,
Remember, this is real,
As real as it gets,
So don’t live with any more regrets,
And never forget
Who’s always got your back.
Whenever you think things are falling apart,
They’re actually sliding back into place,
Time cannot erase this bond…
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