Precocious Precognizant

Precious child, Was always a habitual truth-teller Even when forced to hide Behind disguises Just to keep the peace And the family secrets. She was always precocious, Way ahead of her time, The clocks would chime Two minutes too late for her. She is still tasked with the family history, And their many secrets, It is her birthright, And it does repeat, Her true DNA runs beyond bloodlines, National boundaries Even space and time, “I saw this coming,” Is a favorite phrase. Precocious Precognizant! She speaks the truth, You should listen to her once in awhile. She won’t steer you … Continue reading Precocious Precognizant


The awkward spaces in between Dreams, And conversations. …………………………. The long pauses, The protracted silences, Apparent alienation, Is painful. Not knowing the whole situation, Regardless of precognition And intuition, My gifts can only go so far, Feeling misunderstood And unwelcome, … Continue reading NOTICING

Twin Flame (for lack of a better name) 

When you’ve met your soul’s counterpart,  all else feels like an empty lie.  Magical meetings, Dream encounters, Mystical missed opportunities, It all falls into place… This I can no longer deny. I won’t keep putting on a brave face And … Continue reading Twin Flame (for lack of a better name) 

Hollow-gram, a dilemma

You know the old clichés, “Time heals all wounds,” “Time will tell,” “All in good time?” Well, what if time is not a good judge of events, or of people’s actions, and what if intuition is not so good either, when it gets clouded by emotions? Have you ever been in a situation where you think you see something, and those closest to you see it too? But maybe like a meteor shower, it was only meant to be seen by one person, the person responsible for creating the chain of events which caused the meteor shower in the first … Continue reading Hollow-gram, a dilemma


You wanna know what sometimes makes me fly into a rage? Why do I get so “angry”? Why do I push you away, And treat you like a threat? Friend, foe or frenemy? Maybe it’s because I couldn’t even be left alone To sleep. Maybe it’s because I was violated, In every single way imaginable, When I was most vulnerable, While you just sat there, Silently judging my ‘shrewish,’ angry ways. Just because I married the guy, Doesn’t meant I ‘deserved it,’ or asked for it. Am I a bitch? You’re goddamn right, I am. But I’m so many other … Continue reading Rage