मया is my name, written in Sanskrit characters. Maya (my name) is Sanskrit in origin, it means “illusion,” or “magic,” and it denotes power, and wisdom. I share all of this because I believe that I was born (or reborn, as I believe) for a divine purpose, to inspire, teach, and help others to heal, by healing from my karma, and by sharing my story. Continue reading मया


The Taming of the Truth

The twin rays of realization

Radiate upon her downturned face

As she scans the falling leaves,

Kicking them against the weight of her heels.

Acceptance in the face of apparent rejection,

She wonders what caused this sense of alienation…
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The awkward spaces in between Dreams, And conversations. …………………………. The long pauses, The protracted silences, Apparent alienation, Is painful. Not knowing the whole situation, Regardless of precognition And intuition, My gifts can only go so far, Feeling misunderstood And unwelcome, … Continue reading NOTICING

On the Verge to Converge

You are my ultimate truth, And just like Rumi said, forsooth, You are already inside of me. So that is how I know that we will meet Face to fate, Your voice of late Within, and without has been so true, So powerfully just, baby blue, So never say never, This connection is destined to last forever, But if it’s answers you are seeking, please, further illuminate, And my feelings I will continue to demonstrate; I can surely wait, For a change in your living condition, Because I think (?) I know your position, But I know that things can change on a dime, And sadly, … Continue reading On the Verge to Converge