Autoimmune and fibromyalgia files

One month in, and counting. Today’s fun: besides dropping just about everything in sight, my vision was partly obstructed again by subtle black spots, as if I’d just walked from an extremely bright room into a dark room, except it … Continue reading Autoimmune and fibromyalgia files

Club Celexa and the Prozac Family

When you are so depressed you can’t even lift your head off of the pillow, you will do just about anything to make the hell and the darkness go away. Although I have been trying to “embrace the discomfort,” as my therapist says, (as a motivating factor for positive change) things have just gotten way out of hand with the depression, and I finally admitted that I needed help beyond what I was already getting. My old coping strategies just weren’t cutting it anymore. Time for some chemical assistance! Continue reading Club Celexa and the Prozac Family